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DRI’s proper market segmentation means a well targeted campaign that generates a profitable return.


Marketing is a contact sport. The more often and longer you are interacting with your referral source, the stronger and more successful you will become. Each interaction is also designed to identify the key referral players, and utilize that information to gain referrals.


Our physician liaisons understand quality interaction time and the value of a referral. The purpose of these interactions is to build relations, familiarization, and an understanding of what your specialty has to offer.


The lasting effect of a good business plan is the only insurance you have for an ongoing business future. Companies like to do business with companies they “know” and have positive perceptions of. DRI marketers know their audience. They fully understand their needs, how to help meet those needs and how to create demand.

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While some doctors and healthcare executives may hold the term “marketing” in very low esteem, most will recognize the need to grow and protect referrals.
The fact is that referral building is actually the #1 key of the top six marketing strategies to growing any healthcare organization:
1.  Doctor referral building
2.  Internal (patient referral) marketing
3.  External advertising
4.  Public relations (including free press and events)
5.  Branding
6.  Internet marketing

In fact, every provider markets to some extent, whether they know it or not, and whether they are good at it or not.
But for the vast majority of specialty practices and hospitals, doctor referral building is THE #1 fundamental marketing strategy. Having a busy office is good, but an office full of high quality patients is priceless.

The question is, how do you build referrals naturally and professionally without appearing needy or greedy?

Relationships where professionals will consistently refer with confidence requires a regular, systematic— even scheduled—amount of time and attention.
Results come from a system, not a loose collection of
occasional and independent tactics.

However, the critical skill sets necessary for a successful referral program are typically outside what the staff and doctor do best.
We see countless failures every year with providers that try to turn clinical staff or creative people into salespeople. Meanwhile, competitive practices ARE whispering in your best referrers’ ears.

Therefore, if you are serious about growing your doctor referrals in today’s competitive marketplace, you almost certainly need a referral specialist with a proven system working on your behalf.

Assuring a regular flow of referrals from practices, hospitals and other businesses requires a regular, systematic—even scheduled—amount of time and attention.

Few professionals want to be seen as a “salesman.” Even those who are comfortable in the role rarely feel they have the time.

Keep in mind that while some of these concepts may seem “straight forward,” knowing what to do is a world apart from actually doing it. Someone specific must be responsible for creating and maintaining these referral systems.

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